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DYIgenomics App for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone:
Side-by-side comparison of consumer genomic services (deCODEme, Navigenics,
and 23andme) by loci and variants for 20 conditions (diabetes, cancers, etc.)

iPhone/iPad/iOS App
iPhone app screenshots
                       Application developed by: Ted Odet, Greg Smith

Android App
Android app screenshots
                       Application developed by: Michael Kolb, Lawrence S. Wong

Windows Phone App
Windows Phone app screenshots
                       Application developed by: Rahul Bhide

Screen 1. Select 1 of 20 top conditions covered by consumer genomic services
Screen 2. Side-by-side locus, gene & SNP comparison of deCODEme, Navigenics & 23andme
Screen 3. Selecting any SNP row, comparison of underlying studies cited by company
Screen 4. Click-through to PubMed study listing

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