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DIYgenomics Athletic Performance Web Application

A list of the genes and variants that research studies link to thirteen different categories of athletic performance including strength, endurance, muscle development, lung capacity, and recovery. image Personalized report (based on Sample data). 'Rank' is a composite score assigned to the variant by DIYgenomics per journal ranking, number of cases and controls, p-value, and odds ratio (rank assessment methodology).

NOTE: The information on this page is intended for research and educational purposes only, and is not for diagnostic use.

Locus (plural loci): the specific location of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome, (e.g.; 8p21.1 is the p21.1 region on Chromosome 8).
Gene: a series of variants at a locus that code for proteins or RNA chains.
Variant: the specific location with two alleles (e.g.; 'CG') or genotype values. Companies may review different variants in the same gene and locus.

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