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Side-by-side comparison of consumer genomic services (deCODEme, Navigenics, and 23andme) by locus, gene, and variant for 20 conditions (diabetes, cancers, heart disease, etc.). If a company reviews the variant, the underlying research reference is posted in the table below. 'Sample data' displays the normal allele in green, the risk allele in red (risk allele identification methodology). 'Rank' is a composite score assigned to the variant by DIYgenomics per journal ranking, number of cases and controls, p-value, and odds ratio (rank assessment methodology).

NOTE: The information on this page is intended for research and educational purposes only, and is not for diagnostic use.

Variants reviewed for Aging

Locus Gene VariantdeCO-ooooo-DEmeNavigenics23andMe Nebula NIH SNP (Ref/Alt) Sample data Rank
PTPN11 rs11066320 1 A/G AG 1
TYR rs1126809 1 G/A GA 1
MSANTD1 rs114298671 1 G/A GA 1
IRF4 rs12203592 1 C/T CT 1
MAGI3 rs1230666 1 A/G AG 1
FOXP2 rs12705966 1 A/G AG 1
KCNK3 rs1275922 1 A/G AG 1
MLLT10 rs12769128 1 C/T CT 1
RNU6 rs13141210 1 C/T CT 1
LDLR rs142158911 1 G/A GA 1
TOMM40 rs157581 1 T/C TC 3
C20orf112 rs159428 1 T/C TC 1
ADD1 rs16843603 1 T/C TC 1
HTT rs16843836 1 G/A GA 1
RP11 rs1689406 1 A/G AG 1
RP11 rs17499404 1 G/A GA 1
TTC12 rs2186800 1 G/A GA 1
TRAIP rs2271961 1 T/C TC 1
RPL31P12 rs2613508 1 C/T CT 1
AC137675.1 rs2643826 1 C/T CT 1
LPL rs268 1 A/G AG 3
INO80 rs28455998 1 T/A TA 1
RNU6 rs28637671 1 T/G TG 1
PVRL2 rs2972566 1 G/C GC 1
DHX58 rs34891485 1 T/C TC 1
TCF7L2 rs35198068 1 T/C TC 1
MAML3 rs36072649 1 T/A TA 1
PABPC4 rs3768321 1 G/T GT 1
APOE rs405509 1 T/G TG 1
APOE rs449647 1 A/T AT 1
NLGN1 rs472103 1 A/C AC 1
ATXN2 rs4766578 1 T/A TA 1
PRPF40B rs55686423 1 A/T AT 1
LPA rs55730499 1 C/T CT 3
ZBTB46 rs6062322 1 A/T AT 1
ZW10 rs61905747 1 A/C AC 1
TMEM18 rs66906321 1 T/C TC 1
PVRL2 rs6859 1 A/G AG 1
C6orf106 rs6907508 1 A/G AG 1
ABHD17C rs7174250 1 C/T CT 1
ZNF318 rs7742789 1 C/T CT 1
AFF3 rs78438918 1 A/G AG 1
CDKN2B-AS1 rs7859727 1 C/T CT 1
PLG rs79570361 1 A/G AG 1
HYKK rs8042849 1 C/T CT 1
MYL8P rs9277988 1 T/C TC 1
SLC22A3 rs9295128 1 G/T GT 4
LPA rs9355297 1 C/G CG 1
SLC22A3 rs9364552 1 G/C GC 1
IGF2BP1 rs940088 1 T/C TC 1
LINC01122 rs980183 1 G/A GA 1
19q13.32 APOE rs7412 1 C/T CC 4

Research references cited by consumer genomic companies:

  1. Rosoff DB et al; Multivariate genome-wide analysis of aging-related traits identifies novel loci and new drug targets for healthy aging; Nat Aging; 2023 Aug; 3(8):1020-1035.

Locus (plural loci): the specific location of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome, (e.g.; 8p21.1 is the p21.1 region on Chromosome 8).
Gene: a series of variants at a locus that code for proteins or RNA chains.
Variant: the specific location with two alleles (e.g.; 'CG') or genotype values. Companies may review different variants in the same gene and locus.

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