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Side-by-side comparison of locus, gene and variant information for 200 drugs (clopidogrel (Plavix), morphine, sildenafil (Viagra), warfarin, etc.). If a variant is reviewed, the underlying research references cited are posted in the table below. 'Sample data' is information from one person's 23andme file; not all the variants reviewed for drugs are genotyped currently by 23andme. One or two variant mutations could be interpreted as the usual dose of the drug possibly being 'less efficacious.' Green is the normal genotype, red is the mutation. * means that the FDA has validated genomic biomarkers for this drug. 'Rank' is a composite score assigned to the variant by DIYgenomics per journal ranking, number of cases and controls, p-value, and odds ratio (rank assessment methodology).

NOTE: The information on this page is intended for research and educational purposes only, and is not for diagnostic use.

Variants reviewed for Abacavir*

Locus Gene Variant PharmGKBNavigenics23andMePathway Genomics dbSNP (Nrml/Rsk) Sample data Rank
chr6:31447936 HLA rs3828917 5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 G/T GG 5
chr6:31539759 HCP5 rs2395029 1,3,4,6,7,8 3,8 2,8,9 T/G TT 3
chr6:31654768 LTB; LST1; TNF rs3093726 1,3,6,7,8 C/T TT 4

Research references cited by genomic companies or research entities:

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Locus (plural loci): the specific location of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome, (e.g.; 8p21.1 is the p21.1 region on Chromosome 8).
Gene: a series of variants at a locus that code for proteins or RNA chains.
Variant: the specific location with two alleles (e.g.; 'CG') or genotype values. Companies may review different variants in the same gene and locus.

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